Hunan Zhaoshan Will be Invested 5 Billion Yuan on Upgrading to 5A Spot

Zhao Mountain, one of the eight famous views in Hunan, has a long history of about 3000 years. It is located in the boundary of Changsha and Xiangtan.

Recently, the upgrading development program ceremony was held in Zhao Mountain, that’s to say,Zhao Mountain will welcome a reformation soon. It is planned that the main scenic spots will be integrated and the touring line will be reorganized in order to add the image design experience of visitors. The emphasis is said to be put on forging the five core scenic spots.

As estimated, 5 billion yuan will be invested on this project. The aim is to attempt to create an AAAAA ecological travel resort district within 5 years, which involves a whole network of culture, travel, religion, business, relaxation and habitancy. On that occasion, Zhao Mountain will act as an optimum entertainment place for civilians in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Xiangtan.

Translated by Becky