Hunan Xiangjiang Music Festival 2015

Duration: Sept. 25 – Oct. 26, 2015

Venue: Jupiter Land, Changsha

Ticket hotline: 400-700-4430

Xiangjiang Music Festival learns from the world-known Memphis in May International Festival in the U.S. and established strategic relation with the above-mentioned festival. It was designed to be a feast themed music and lifestyle with international significance.

It is the first music festival lasting for a month in China. Many high-profile Chinese and international celebrities will be invited to join the grand carnival which also features interaction with the audience.

The festival has attracted attention from the nation and even the world by its music, making Xiangjiang New Area known to everyone. Hosting this international event will enrich the cultural profile of Changsha as the City of Entertainment and it will be a landmark cultural event of the Xiangjiang New Area.

Feature artists:

Cui Jian: the Godfather of Chinese rock 'n' roll

Black Panther: a seminal Chinese rock band

Sodagreen: a Taiwanese indie band

Li Jian: a Chinese folk singer and Chinese singer-songwriter

Hebe: a Taiwanese singer, actress and TV program hostess

Kim Jong Kook: the popular South Korean singer and variety show television actor