Hunan Unveils Red Travel Cultural Festival

The 2014 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Cultural Festival, which is scheduled to take place from June through December, was launched on June 27 in Changsha. The official website of the China (Hunan) Red Tourism went online at the launching ceremony.

Secretary of the Tongdao Dong Autonomous County Yin Yuying remarked that the strategic transfer of Chinese Red Army is a great turning point in China's revolution. The county will take the opportunity to enhance travel cooperation with the bordering Guizhou and Guangxi provinces to create a "Golden Triangle" travel route that features the transfer of Long March.

Along with the opening of the event, the Dongs have started weaving of world's longest brocade themed on "Chinese Dream and Love of Dong Brocade". Besides, a Guinness World Record will be requested upon completion. 

A commemorative activity will be held on December 12 at the square in memory of the Tongdao Conference held during the Long March, at which the brocade will be displayed.

Translator: Liu Fen