Direct Trains Zhangjiajie-Mount Tai & Zhangjiajie-Mount Hua Will Run Since July

Zhangjiajie Railway Station will add 3 train roubtes to Jinan, Taiyuan and Guangzhou since July this year. The detailed information is as follows. Thus, travelers is able to go straight from Zhangjiajie to famous mountainous sights-Mount Hua & Mount Tai respectively. The detailed information is as follows:

Train NO.Y266 Zhangjiajie-Jinan, It runs on July 2th, Which starts at 18:30PM, Stop at Mount Tai at 20:07PM Next day, Arrive at Jinan at 21:10PM.

Train NO.Y265 Jinan-Zhangjiajie, It runs on July 1th, Which departs at 9:38AM, Arrives at Zhangjiajie at 12:08PM Next day.

Train NO.1166 Zhangjiajie-Taiyuan, It runs on July 1th, Which starts at 16:40PM, Stop at Mount Hua at 10:54AM Next day, Arrive at Taiyuan at 19:21PM.

Train NO.1165 Taiyuan-Zhangjiajie, It runs on June 30th, Which departs at 12:53PM, Arrives at Zhangjiajie at 15:02PM Next day.

Translated by Zumi