Hunan TV Broadcast Xiangxi Ludongshan on May Day

During May Day Holiday, Hunan TV camera crew visited Ludongshan National 3-level scenic area of Baojing, Xiangxi. Within 3 days, The scenic tourist conditions were successionally broadcast by a program named “Hunan News”in Golden Hunan TV time. In fact. This is the second time for Ludongshan to be broadcast by Hunan TV.

Groups of guests from Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan etc. Have come to there out of its reputation during May Day this year. Due to scarce reception capacity, temporary tents were set up for guests, which provided them with a novel mountainous trip experience. The Hunan camera crew displayed beautiful and strange Lvdongshan to audience with 3 themes, That is, Wangtianpo camp festival, Miao village hand-made tea frying and Miao village Festival.

In recent years, Xiangxi Ludongshan has attracted renowned media’s attention with its unique cultural and ecological beauty. With the publicity from media, there was a peak during May Day Holiday. It is said that the scenic area has received 23.98 thousand guests with a total income of 5.51 million RMB, increased by 33.22% and 2.29% respectively than the same period last year.

Translated by Zumi