Hunan (Liling) Ceramics Expo 2015

2015 China Ceramic Art Exhibition & 1st Hunan (Liling) Ceramics Expo is to be held at Liling World Ceramic Art City from March 26 to 28. In addition to showing to the world the ceramic-producing history and the innovation achievements of Liling City, the expo aims to accelerate the improvement of the city’s platform for ceramic industry development and expand foreign trade and cooperation, so as to boost the transformation and upgrade of Liling’s ceramic industry into an industrial cluster with the output value reaching 100 billion yuan.

With preparation works handled in order, 16 theme activities are on the schedule to showcase the unique charm of Liling ceramic art, including ceramic art exhibition, display of 25-meter-high inflatable model of undergazed colored porcelain “World Peace Vase”, ceramic works DIY, Liling Ceramic photography exhibition, Liling gourmet festival, investment projects promotion, fireworks show and issuing of ceramic-theme souvenir folders.

According to the organizing committee, the expo intends to set up about 1,000 booths for art ceramics, household ceramics, electric porcelain, architectural ceramics, bathroom ceramics, industrial ceramics and new material.

Hunan Liling World Ceramic Art City

Duration: March 26 to 28, 2015

Venue: Liling, Hunan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal