Aged Indonesian Doctors Study Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hunan

In March, Zhao Ronghua and seven aged Indonesian doctors of traditional Chinese medicine closed their clinic and paid a special trip to Hunan to further their study on Chinese medicine at Hunan University of Chinese Medicine on their own expenses. Their courses cover acupuncture, massage, as well as theories of traditional Chinese medicine.

In the class of Chinese Internal Medicine on Cough, the 70-year-old Zhao Ronghua, the oldest learner in the class, took pictures of the courseware with mobile phone while earnestly taking notes both in English and Chinese.

Zhao Ronghua and his younger brother, whose ancestors migrated from Guangzhou Province, have respectively operated two clinics of Chinese medicine in Southern area and Northern area of Djakarta, capital of Indonesia. Their clinics were overcrowded with patients every day, with even Indonesian officials.

“Traditional Chinese medicine began popularizing in Indonesia around the 1970’s. Before that, Chinese medicine was only passed down from ancestors.” said Zhao Ronghua. Zhao added that Chinese medicine is becoming increasingly popular in Indonesia. However, the development of Chinese medicine in Indonesia was restricted since the Indonesia government adopted the policy of Western medicine managing Chinese medicine.

Just like most of the overseas Chinese, Zhao Ronghua loves his motherland. “We’ve traveled afar to Hunan to learn more traditional Chinese medicine and promote young overseas Chinese to inherit Chinese medicine.”

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal