Hunan Jiuxian Lake Acclaimed as National 4A-Level Scenic Area

Jiuxian Lake Scenic Spot

Baoning Temple Scenic Spot

Geological Museum

Jiuxian Lake Scenic Area in Youxian County of Zhuzhou City has been approved as a "National 4A-Level Scenic Area" in 2011, marking the fresh boom of the city's travel industry. It is revealed that a total of 87 scenic spots are acclaimed as "National 4A-Level Scenic Area" across the country this time and Jiuxian Lake Scenic Area is the only one that won the honor in Hunan Province.

As the core scenic spot in Jiubujiang Tourist Area, Jiuxian Lake Scenic Area covers an area of 150 square kilometers and encompasses several scenic spots such as Jiuxian Lake, Baoning Temple and Geological Museum. Thanks to its abundant and superior travel resources, Youxian County has been vigorously promoting its progress through developing the travel industry in recent years. The county spent over 32 million yuan in improving the Jiuxian Lake Scenic Area and related facilities in 2010.

The scenic spot has been successively ratified as a provincial-level forest park, provincial level scenic spot, national water conservancy scenic spot, national geological park and national wetland park.

Translator: Xie Lingli
Source:Hunan Official Web Portal