Hunan International Travel Festival Starts in Liling This September

The 2018 China Hunan International Tourism Festival Press Conference was held on August 7 morning. It revealed that this year’s travel festival will launch seven theme activities. The 2018 China (Liling) International Ceramics Industry Exposition will be held at the same time. A new combination pattern between ceramics and travel will thus be created. This Festival will be held in Liling, Zhuzhou City from September 25 to October 2.

The Festival is sponsored by Hunan Tourism Development Committee and Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government. It is organized by Zhuzhou Bureau of Tourism and Foreign Affairs and Liling Municipal People’s Government. The theme of this activity is ‘Splendid Xiaoxiang - Shennong Blessed Land - Colorful Liling’.

The themed activities include:

1. The International Tourism Festival opening ceremony and ‘Hunan Ceramics & Tourism Night’;

2. Hunan travel promotion meeting, pre – inspection tours made by domestic and foreign traveling salesmen and media;

3. A tour throughout Zhuzhou - the Dynamic City;

4. International Music Festival with the theme of “kiln”;

5. China Ceramics Valley - Global Recruitment of Artists;

6. Tourism Literary Creative Works Competition.

Translator: Fang Qi