Hunan International Jewelry Center Opens in Changsha

Hunan International Jewelry Center began its business operations in Changsha on October 26th. It is the biggest cultural and creative industry base with the most varieties of jade wares and jewelry products in Hunan province.

Jewelry industry has witnessed a rapid development in Hunan in recent years. Changsha, in particular, has seen the annual trading volume of jade wares and jewelry reaching more than 2 billion RMB because of its higher consuming level. Located in Central Chengnan Road, which is known as the "Road of Jewelry" in Changsha, Hunan International Jewelry Center covers a total area of 3, 000 square meters. The center attracts around 80 renowned jade wares, jewelry and gold brands across China. These jewelries are originally produced in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Myanmar.

Besides, the center displays art crafts, such as antiques, calligraphy and painting, and mineral specimens for visitors' appreciation. It also offers free professional evaluation of jade wares and jewelry on Saturdays.

Translator: Chen Bing

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal