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Hunan, Hubei to Join Hands to Develop Yao Culture-themed Scenic Area

The Promotion Association on Tourism Development of Longjiao Mountain Yao Culture Scenic Area in Yueyang was established in Tongcheng County of Hubei Province. Over 150 participants including representatives from related departments of Hunan’s Linxiang City and Hubei’s Tongcheng County, Chongyang County and Chibi City as well as scholars gathered together to discuss how to develop Yueyang’s Longjiao Mountain rich in Yao culture. 

The Promotion Association aims to jointly explore Yao culture to enhance the popularity, reputation and charm of Longjiao Mountain, so as to enrich inhabitants in Yaogu Mountain Area.

Longjiao Mountain or Yaogu Mountain, an important part of Mufu Mountain range, encompasses an area of over 200 kilometers. Stretching across Linxiang, Tongcheng, Chongyang and Chibi, the mountain is known as an early “Qianjiadong” in the history of Yao people in China, home to more than 100 cultural relic sites including stone houses, stone stockaded villages and stone tombs.

Background information:

“Qianjiadong” is the homeland of the Yao people. For generations the legend of the “Qianjiadong” was told that there was only one way in and one way out of this peaceful beautiful place through a cavern. This homeland of the Yao, which was told that it is very beautiful, has surrounding waterfalls and rivers, and that it is secluded from the outside world. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal