Hunan Highlights 13 Areas with Unique Spring Festival Culture

On January 14, the Hunan Provincial Culture Department selected 13 counties and cities to highlight as boasting unique Spring Festival culture.

Longshan County, Baojin County and Yongshun County are listed as areas known for Tujia Spring Festival customs. One of which is the Tujia new year "Diaonian", usually celebrated one day ahead of the lunar new year. There is also the Sheba Festival, celebrated from the 3rd day to the 17th day of the first month of the Chinese calendar.

Jishou, Luxi County and Huayuan County appear on the list for their unique Miao Spring Festival customs, especially the Qiangzhou Spring Party, which features interesting cultural art performances and other traditional Spring Festival activities.

Other areas with characteristic Spring Festival customs include: Miluo City, known for Changle Stories; Nan County, for the "Two-hundred Dragon Dance" and Huagu Opera; Nanyue District, for Nanyue Temple Fair; Zhangjiajie City, for Lantern Festival; Leiyang City, for Aoshan Temple Fair; Ruchen County, for Xianghuolong Art Performance; Yueyang Tower District, for Bianhe Street Spring Festival Temple Fair; Xinhuang County, for Tianjin Village Spring Festival Customs; Xupu County, for Silk Lantern Dance; Jianghua County, for "Dragon and Lion" bonfire dance; and Shangzhi County, for Temple God Parade.

Translator: Guo Yan 

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal