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Hunan Girls Set a New World Record

On August 8th, 100 Hunan girls chopped 511 kg of red pepper in just 10 minutes. They set a new world record for the largest scale of hand-chopped hot peppers. The record was witnessed by Zhang Jian, senior authentication officer of the World Record Association.

That afternoon at a square in Window of the World Park, 100 Hunan girls in red t-shirts, knives in hand, quickly started chopping the peppers in wooden basins as soon as the order was given by the hosts. In a flash, red peppers were minced to pieces. Li Xuanxu, bronze medal winner of the women’s 400m swimming medley at the 2012 London Olympic Games, also took part in the activity. Soon afterwards, pieces of chopped pepper were put together to make a special national flag that covered an area of 15 square meters. The pepper flag was made to honor the Chinese athletes competing in the London Games.

Translator: Wu Lirong

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal