Hunan Forest Botanical Garden Holds Flowers and Pinwheels Festival

The Flowers and Pinwheels Festival were held in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden recently. Numerous adults and children were attracted to come for a visit. The photos taken on April 23, 2017 showed that tourists enjoyed themselves very much. The “Sea of colorful pinwheels” seemed to guide them to a fairy land.

The festival will last till June 4, 2017

A citizen is taking photo with the pinwheels.

Two children are playing in the “Sea of pinwheels”.

A little girl wanders through the “Sea of pinwheels”.

Parasol in hand, a couple enjoys colorful pinwheels.

A parent is taking photo for her child with the pinwheels.

Colorful pinwheels debut in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden.

Translator: Yu Jiangjiang