Hallelujah concert hall roof's Parkour Stage was praised by tourists

On April 19th, 2017 China mountain outdoor fitness leisure Huanglongdong scenic spot parkour platform construction project has completed smoothly. It is located in the scenic spot hallelujah hall roof, which wins tourists unanimous praise, being called the best breathe parkour.

It is a creative and fantastic building. Super natural green roof is the biggest highlights of the building. In another development, Zhangjiajie mountain outdoor fitness leisure Huanglongdong scenic area contest welcomes a lot of Chinese and foreign parkour referees and players. A combination of three referees, it includes Australian parkour world web celebrity – Dominica. China’s first woman parkour player Qian Kaiwen comes here. Meanwhile, the competitors are from Ukraine Yairk, Kazakhstan Kakimbek. In the final stage, eight players in turn play, so the referee give scores according to the fluidity degree, difficulty coefficient, expressive and creative comprehensive degree. Finally the first place will also work with the referee Dominica to show an ultimate challenge.

Translated by Sophia