Hunan Closes Scenic Spots Due to Heavy Rain

The Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC) announced that most scenic spots were closed due to heavy rain as of June 25, 2017, but a few scenic spots reopened to visitors.

The HTDC implemented the principles stated in a flood prevention conference by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and the Hunan Provincial People’s Government, to prioritize travel safety in Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Xiangxi, Huaihua, Changde, Chenzhou, Yueyang, and other cities. It sent an inspection team to check travel safety hidden dangers and emergency management in Xiangxi and Zhangjiajie. The Hunan Tourism Association issued an emergency notice on organizing tours in flood season to all travel agencies. 

The latest info about the closed and reopened scenic spots in Hunan are as follows:


Closed: Changsha Landscape and Ecology Garden, Yang Kaihui’s Residence, all white rafting scenic spots in Liuyang, Ningxiang Longquan Rafting, and Tianzi Rafting

Partly closed: 

Water Park and Lelin Amusement Park in Hunan Forest Botanical Garden; 

Dragon boat and rafting in Shiyanhu Ecotravel Area; 

Aquatic sports in Baileyuan Ecotravel Area, Qianlonghu Ecotravel Area; and Water-themed events in star-level village travel spots in Changsha County.


Reopened: Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Spot and Laodaowan Scenic Spot 

Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture


Some scenic spots in Dehang Miao Village reopen starting from the afternoon of June 25; Guzhang Zuolong Gorge; 

Longshan Liye Ancient Town; and Tiaoyan and Pubuwan in Furong Town.


Pushi Ancient Town, Baisha and Tianqiaoshan scenic spots in Luxi County; 

Chadong and Dalongdong Water Conservancy scenic spots, Shibadong and Jinlong villages, Ancient Miao River, and Zixiahu Scenic Spot in Huayuan County; 

Miao valley and Feishui valley scenic spots in Fenghuang County; and Mengdonghe Rafting and Malahe Scenic Spot in Yongshun County.

Partly closed:

Scenic spots along the river in Qianzhou Ancient Town in Jishou City; 

Lianyu Cave in Wulongshan Canyon in Longshan County; 

Youshui Gallery in Red Carbonate-Rock Stone Geopark; 

Boating in Tuojiang River in Fenghuang County; and Waterway in Laosicheng Site in Yongshun County.


Reopened: Yiyang Yunmeng Fangzhou Water Park 

Closed: all scenic spots in Taojiang and Anhua counties


Closed: Longdihe rafting in Tongdao County, Fengtan Reservoir, Eryou Mountain, and Jiemuxi scenic spots in Yuanling County, Sandaokeng Scenic Spot and rafting in Zhijiang County

Partly closed: aquatic sports in Huangdu Dong Village


Closed: Tuolongxia Rafting and Lianyuanshan Rafting

Partly closed: cableway and glass bridge in Shiniuzhai Scenic Spot



All scenic spots in Beita District; 

Shaodong Liuguanghu Scenic Spot; 

Wugang Yunshan Scenic Spot; 

Suining Huangsang Scenic Spot (from June 25 to 28); 

Gaozhou Hotspring, Weiyuan Hotspring, and Huayao Scenic Spot in Longhui County; 

Huangshan Scenic Spot in Xinning County; 

Baiyundong and Yunshuibian scenic spots in Chengbu County; and Water-themed events and rafting in Suining County.

Partly closed: Baiyunyan Scenic Spot in Baishui Cave in Xinshao County, mini-mongolian yurt and tents in Nanshan Scenic Spot

Translator: Xiao Juan