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Red Travel to Boost China-Russia Travel Cooperation

On June 28, a self-drive tour to Russia, part of the China-Russia Red Tourism Promotional Activities, was launched at Changsha Orange Isle Scenic Spot. The event was sponsored by China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and organized by Hunan Tourism Development Committee (HTDC). 

“Red travel”, travel featuring visits to historical sites with a revolutionary legacy, is a natural area for cooperation between Russia and China.

The departure ceremony was presided over by HTDC Deputy Director Guo Guquan. CNTA Comprehensive Coordination Department Director Hou Zhengang announced the departure of the self-drive fleet. HTDC Director Chen Xianchun addressed the ceremony, hoping that the event will foster red travel as a new driver of China-Russia travel cooperation.

The CNTA holds self-drive tours to Russia from June to September, 2017, in an attempt to promote China-Russia red travel cooperation, enhance friendship between the two peoples, and increase popularity of red travel. Another departure ceremony was held in Xi’an, Shanxi on the same day.

The third China-Russia Red Tourism Promotional Activities will be held in Liuyang this September.

Translator: Xiao Juan