Hunan Changsha Yanghu Wetland Park will open

Changsha Yanghu Wetland Park, the largest wetland park in central China is scheduled to open on June 21. The superior ecological environment makes the park another "green lung" of the city.

The park started construction at the Changsha Pioneering District on the west of the Xiangjiang River on July 29, 2010. Covering an area of 702 hectares, the park consists of five functional districts including wetland recreation district, wetland ecological conservation district, wetland biodiversity exhibition district, river wetland district and wetland education district. The five districts aim to play a positive role in keeping the balance of the ecological environment of the urban wetland system, protecting the function and biodiversity of the urban wetland and promoting the sustainable utilization of resources.

Aiming to build up the wetland biological system with biodiversity, the park makes the most of the resource-conserving and environment-friendly technology and new materials. What impresses you most will be the former 52-square-kilometer dirty water area at Hanpu District which has been deeply cleaned through biological technology.

Translator: Guo Yan
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal