Hunan Changsha city to Increase Green Corridors by 2016

Changsha Pioneering District on the West Bank of Xiangjiang River plans to set up eight urban green corridors with a total length of 45 kilometers and an area of 2.5 million square meters by 2016, according to the Administration Committee of the district revealed on January 14. 

The eight green corridors will be built along Pingtang Avenue, Yanghu Avenue, Xiaoxiang Avenue, Meixi Lakeside, Dawangshan Holiday Resort, urban areas to the south and north of Meixi Lake and Dongfanghong Road (Xiaohe Landscape section).  

The district commenced 27 environment projects worth nearly 2 billion yuan in 2012. The completed Meixi Lake has become Changsha's largest urban lake with a capacity of 7 million-plus cubic meters. Phase II of Yanghu Wetland Park covering 1,500 mu(100 hectares) has been basically accomplished, making it the largest urban wetland park in central China. Other projects include Taohualing Park, Meiling Park, Yinxing Park, Shijiagang Water Park, Green Xiaoxiang Avenue, Green Lane around Meixi Lake and Green Dongfanghong Road.

Translator: Guo Yan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal