Hunan Art Performances Praised in Canada

A Chinese art troupe from Hunan presented Chinese artistic shows for overseas Chinese in Vancouver, Canada on the evening of May 22, local time. 

The cultural feast was jointly organized by the Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government.    Nearly 2,000 people watched the gala, including overseas Chinese living in Canada, international students, and local citizens and international friends from all walks of life in Vancouver. The gala began with a festive and cheerful song “An Auspicious Day”. Later, The songs “Dongting: A Land of Fish and Rice” and “Take Tea Leaves to Beijing” sung by Hunan-born famous singer Xun Zhou reminded the audience of memories of the past days. They were also enchanted by an amazing dance which told a beautiful story, and were presented a visual feast of acrobatic show “Strength and Beauty” performed by Wang Bei and Ren Can. The gala ended with a wonderful song and dance “Greater China”.  

Ms. Wu, a Changsha native living in Canada, expressed her gratitude for these elegant and exquisite performances from motherland and good wishes for the motherland to be more flourishing and prosperous. 

Translator: Xiao Juan

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal