How About Train types in China

G (CRH Trains) – Highspeed EMU in Highspeed lines & Passenger Dedicated Lines (PDLs) (Fastest train and of course the most expansive,Travelling 300-320 km/h, Calling only in state capitals and some major cities)

D (CRH Trains) – Highspeed EMU in Conventional railways & PDLs (Pre-highspeed trains and more expansive, Travelling 160-200 km/h, up to 250 km/h in PDLs, Calling at major state capitals and cities)

T – Express Train in Conventional railways (Express train, travelling 120-140 km/h, Calling at all state capitals and major cities)

Z – Express Overnight sleepers (Express direct train, travelling 120-160 km/h, Calling in only state capitals and major cities)

K – Fast Train (Fast train travelling 120-140 km/h, Calling all stops in T trains and half of the cities along the route)

Only numbers – Slow train (travelling 120km/h, local services along the rail corridor, Calling at ALL stops).

Translated by Sophia