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Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town’s Food week kicks off

With Rednet,Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town’s Food week kicks off in Huahua,Hunan on Sept 29th. on the theme of passing through a thousand-year ancient town and indulging yourself into the No.1 cuisine of Xiangxi, western Hunan. At the scene, organizers have introduced delicious private home cuisine of Hongjiang, which attracted a large number of tourists.

The food culture in Hongjiang ancient town has a long history which can date back to Ming, Qing Dynasty and the Republic period when all merchants across the country and immigrants flocked to Hongjiang and various culture exchanged and intermingled with each other. At that time, Hongjiang had been granted as Small Nangjing and Metroplis of the southwestern area as its business continued to boom. Driven by strong economic dynamism, Hongjiang food industry had a rapid development. Many major Cuisines had been introduced ,which added more flavor this historic city landscape and also turned the ancient commercial city into a typical “gourmet capital” . It is informed that this session of the Food Week will continue until October 7th, and private kitchens showcase by Hongjiang suppliers, Western Chefs Competition, private kitchens Competition of both cook husband and wife,Soufen noodles king contest and other activities will be held during the week.

By Brenda