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French Television Documentary《Discovery》focused on Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

On May 11st to 17th, at the invitation of Wulingyuan district travel bureau, The French television 《Discovery》 film come to the world natural heritage site Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan to make a documentary.

It will not only pay attention to Yuanjiajie Huangshi Village, and Tianzi mountain, but also is very interested in Zhangjiajie unique landform scenic area. It will display all-round for the Zhangjiajie folk.With the 50 minutes documentary, it is expected to show in France in August.

Program director Laurence told reporters that Zhangjiajie was chosen as the geological park, because of “Avatar”director James Cameron’s footsteps, to show the French people, and even the world the most beautiful in the world. We will be filming Zhangjiajie park in different places, especially the avatar, to show its magic and unique charm.

French television (5) is a French television station, by the French television operations.Opened in 1994, it is a education television station, mainly broadcast documentaries and magazine program.

Translated by Sophia