Free Week for Global Tourists Entering Into Zhangjiajie Core Scenic Zone

It is announced that from 25th Dec.2013 to 31st Dec.2013,Wulingyuan core scenic zone accepts global tourists for free aiming to share world heritage with common people.

During this week, Global tourists are free to tour around Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Suoxiyu Scenic Zone, Tianzi Mountain and Yangjiajie Scenic Zone(Traffic fee in scenic zone is exception).What’s more, A lot of environmental activities and photographing contest will be held during this period.At that time, The forest park will be full of festive joy. It will be a great time spending Christmas Day and enjoying romantic snow view here.

In addition, Global primary and secondary students under 19, by available certificate like ID card, passport, Student ID, are free to visit Wulingyuan core scenic zone until 31st May,2014. Just start packing and bring your kid to sense the beauty of nature.

By Patricia