First Original Travel Song and T-Photography Competition Was Convoked

On 4th September, News release conference of the first original travel song and travel photography competition, Co-hosted by Propaganda Department of Hunan Committee, Hunan Tourism Bureau and Hunan Literary Federation, Was held in Changsha City. During this conference, Yao Weihong, Director of propaganda department of Hunan committee, acted as anchor. Zhang Zhiheng, Chief of Hunan travel bureau, Attended and released news. Over 100 person from mainstream media Hunan Daily News, Hunan Provincial TV, Hunan Economic Program, Hunan Red Net also participated in.

This original Tourism Song and Tourism Photography Competition is of profound meaning. First, It is a necessity of building new mode of propaganda of Hunan travel. Second, It plays a great role in setting up brand image of Hunan travel. Third, It is a new way to explore integral development of culturee and travel. What’s more, This competition will definitely achieve great success for its high innovation and high public trust and a wide range of influence.

By Patricia