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Final Competition of Square Dance and Line Dance Was Held in Zhangjiajie

In the morning of 4th September, Final competition of square dance and line dance of whole Zhangjiajie Citizens, In theme of “Joy in Hunan and Beauty in Zhangjiajie”, went smoothly in Stadium of Zhangjiajie NO.1 Middle School. A lot of leaders of Zhangjiajie city watched the whole competition.

This large-scale activity was hosted by Zhangjiajie Committee and Zhangjiajie Government, Organised by Propaganda Department of Zhangjiajie Committee, Zhangjiajie Education Bureau, Zhangjiajie Administration of Sports, Zhangjiajie General Labor Union and Zhangjiajie Civilization Office and executed by Zhangjiajie Association of Dancers and Association of Square Dance.

In this competition, 20 Groups were selected from whole Zhangjiajie City. 15 Groups chose square dance while 5 Groups chose line dance. Amazing performance of Red Dancing Shoe Culture and Art School and Zhangjiajie Tourism School conquered audience and commentators and thus won the crown of Line Dance and Square Dance.

By Patricia