First China Chrysanthemum Festival Will Open in Changde Peach Garden

The first China chrysanthemum festival in Changde Peach Garden will be taken off on 26th October and lasting for 8th December in the Peach Garden scenic areas .Recently, reporters learned from the Changde travel bureau.

A series of activities ,such as appreciating chrysanthemums,painting chrysanthemums, chanting poems related with chrysanthemums,watching themed dramas,drinking chrysanthemum teas and wines,etc are going to organized sequentially.Meanwhile, praying and being filial themed programs will be released during Double Ninth festival period. At present, chrysanthemum bases located in the Peach Garden town are filled with tens of thousands of chrysanthemums in bud. “It is a brand new highlight to attract tourists in this autumn,as well as a good way to promote the reputation of the Peach Garden scenic areas”said by a leader.

It is reported that the chrysanthemum festival will exhibit 100,000 chrysanthemums with more than 200 varieties.During that period,the transportation will be improved to facilitate tourists.Two long lines of chrysanthemum bonsais are respectively with a length of 388 meter and 398 meter,both with a diameter of 1.2meter,which are going to be the longest ones.

By Aileen