Zhangjiajie Ranks 18th in the Survey of Nationwide Tourist Satisfaction

Recently, the result of third quarter’s nationwide tourist satisfaction was revealed. Zhangjiajie ranked 18th with a score of 75.16, having a progress of 19 rankings compared with that of last year.

According to the survey, the tourist satisfaction of air quality improved. Comparatively speaking, some service industries such as tourist agencies, accommodation also bettered. On the other hand, the tourist satisfaction of city environment, public service, entertainment and scenic spots deceased, especially shopping and public tourist service.

Tourist satisfaction of part sample cities:

Mount Huangshan 80.72; Wuxi 79.77; Chengdu 79.19; Ningbo 77.77; Qingdao 77.72; Hangzhou 77.62; Guilin 77.37; Xiamen 77.20; Chongqing 76.87; Suzhou 76.72; Yantai 76.44; Beijing 76.44; Dalian 76.08; Nanjing 76.05; Zhuhai 75.73; Zhengzhou 75.30; Shanghai 75.17; Zhangjiajie 75.16; Datong 75.15; Luoyang 75.15; Wenzhou 74.85; Tianjin 74.75; Kunming 74.69; Changsha 74.65; Xian 74.63.

Translated by Becky