Fenghuang Chenli Awarded Champion of Sony World Photography Award

On the afternoon of May 4th, Chenli returned to Changsha by way of Beijing after attending the awarding ceremony of Sony World Photography Award in London. On April 30th,His photo “Listening Rain in the Ancient Town” toped among the open team of tourist category and won“Photographer of the Year”. This is the first time that photographers in the mainland have won such a title.

Mr Chen is from Fenghuang, Hunan. His works“Listening rain in the Ancient Town”based on Fenghuang Ancient Town. In the May of last year, He shot travelers in the rain on a stone bridge of Tuo River in the background of ancient local residents’dwellings. With a tripod, He adopt slow door shot skill that combined dynamic scene with static scene, Displaying the glamour of misty Fenhuang.

“Listening Rain in the Ancient Town ”reflects the cultural heritage of Fenghuang Ancient Town which belongs not only to China but also to the entire world”, William Hunter,president of the committee,Evaluated in the awarding ceremony.

Translated by Zumi