Exhibition Hall on Leifeng's Life Opens to Public

After 6-months of meticulous designing and quality upgrading, the Exhibition Hall displaying Leifeng's Life officially opened to the public on the morning of May 17.

In 2010, the CPC Wangcheng County Committee and Wangcheng County People's Government had decided to launch a project to improve the quality of this Exhibition Hall, which was scheduled to start in November of the year. The  hall covers a total area of 1,072 square kilometers with the exhibition line stretching as long as 185 meters. There are more than 560 pieces of works on display, including precious relics, 146 material objects, 165 photographs and 30 plus diaries and poems.

The most notable feature of the hall is voice interactive system through which visitors can hear the speech delivered by Leifeng at a conference, to recall past misery and cherish present happiness. The speech is considered as one of the most important relics collected by the exhibition hall.. In addition, other precious relics such as enlistment notice, savings account book as well as certificate of merit are also staged.

Translator: Chen Yu
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal