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Eleven Cultural Celebrities Will Attend the 2013 Zhangjiajie International Music Week

Enjoying the feast of world country music, listening to sweet-sounding angelic voice, discussing the prospects of cultural development …On August 14th, the activity organizing committee of the music week releases that the forum–“Zhangjiajie’s Cultural Dream” will be opened in Hallelujah music hall of Yellow Dragon Cave during the music week in which 11 cultural celebrities will take part in.

It is reported that themed with “Zhangjiajie’s Cultural Dream”, the forum is hosted by famous compare–Zhang dandan from HNTV and is opened on September 1st. The guests present who stand in a professional points will explore Zhangjiajie’s road to the cultural development in terms of music, architecture, sculpture, painting, culture, chess, city management, etc, analyzing Zhangjiajie’s cultural dream and providing advices for Zhangjiajie’s cultural construction.

The cultural celebrities that are invited include: China Chess institution dean–Wang runan, China Religious Culture Communication Association president–Ye xiaowen, the national 1-class artist and the maker of “Martin Luther King” statue–Lei yixin, the national 1-class screenwriter Mei shuaiyuan, dean of the school of architecture and landscape design of Peking University–Yu kongjian, and famous musician–Gao xiaosong.

The man in charge of the committee indicates the host of the music week is to display and exchange the arts essence from all nations in the world and promote cultural contacts among nations. The forum of “Zhangjiajie’s Cultural Dream” during the music week is to explore Zhangjiajie’s road to travel and cultural development, as well make different culture and thoughts contact with each other, which may pave road for building Zhangjiajie cultural business card.

By Crystal