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“Dream Around Zhangjiajie” Boot up, Meeting with the audience before next N.D

On September 19th, the famous director TangLiuYi with the main creator of dream around zhangjiajie, showed in the opening of the 30th anniversary of national forest park which also means the zhangjiajie international forest conservation festival. Meanwhile, they held a grand commencement ceremony for the script.

This script focusing on the procedure of the original zhangjiajie state-owned forest developing into China’s first national forest park. With the background,such as development of barren hills, development of forest, and protection of the ecological forest, it will reproduce the head of original zhangjiajie forest field, LiuKaiLin with a group of selfless people, dedicated, spared hard work, and beared the responsibility of pioneers.

TangLiuYi revealed that the film will meet the audience next year before National Day. At the same time, it will be in CCTV movie channel.

Translated by Sophia