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Zhangjiajie Won International Travel “Jingui” Award

At the opening ceremony of International Forest Conservation Festival, Zhangjiajie mayor Zhao Xiaoming received “International Tourism Jingui Award” from the chairman of international travel federation.

At the prize awarding ceremony, the chairman delivered impassioned speech. He said,China has become the third travel country, only after America and France. Since the development of China travel, international travel federation also began to grow up in China gradually. So, it was obvious that the coming of the well-known blockbuster Avatar was not accidental. As the first national forest park, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park had its own values. At the same time, both Zhangjiajie municipal government and Zhangjiajie local people made great contribution to the development. To sum up, “International Tourism Jingui Award” was just the reflection of Zhangjiajie’s great value, and full recognition to the endeavor Zhangjiajie government had given among these years.

Translated by Becky