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Chinese Travel Association Came to Research in Zhangjiajie

In order to have a further understanding of mechanism reform in Chinese scenic spots, the deputy director of National Tourism Association personnel department, and also the secretary general of Chinese Tourism Association Liu Tongmao reached Zhangjiajie to have a further investigation, leading a research group.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie has set consciousness for the best as motive power, strengthening the management and spatial marketing. In the meantime, Zhangjiajie has taken great efforts to sufficiently discover humanistic value existing in different spots, so that an extremely appealing travel destination was forged day by day. Up to now, Zhangjiajie has already developed 28 scenic spots, including one enrolled in World Natural Heritage List and global geological park, one listed in the United Nations’ “man and biosphere” station, one national key scenic area, six national and provincial natural reserves, four national forest park and fourteen national level spots (involving two5A scenic spots, eight4A scenic spots). Last year, Zhangjiajie received about 30.41 million tourists in total, and 11 scenic areas’ accumulated investments were over hundred million.

Translated by Becky