Chinese Famous Reverse Writing Painter(Zhangzhengwu) In Zhangjiajie park

In the beautiful scenery of zhangjiajie golden whip scenic spot, Zhangzhengwu, who known as “the first legend of writing in reverse ” with his calligraphy, attractes many tourists. They have stopped to watch.

Zhangzhengwu, 71 years old, who devoted gift creation 108 meters down long book for National Day. He is good at using regular script, clerical script, running script, and cursive script to show live performance of writing in reverse for tourists from home and abroad. It not only enriches the majority of tourists in journey life, also increases the culture breath.

As we have learned, Zhangzhengwu grew up versatilely. At age of 3, he went into school, till 6 years old, he could recite four books as flow. On secondary school, Zhangzhengwu in addition to learn painting and writing, also have a good self-study carving. This lets him be famous in small local area, but also lays a solid foundation for his later calligraphy.

Now, Zhangzhengwu opens roadway painting and calligraphy in zhangjiajie golden whip scenic spot, his superb skills become a beautiful scenery.

Translated by Sophia