Changsha Orange Island Fireworks Will Be Sleeping

To enjoy the magnificence of Orange Island fireworks on every weekends is an indispensable leisure for not only local people also travelers in Changsha city.

However, As the adjustment of fireworks in Orange Island issued on Sept,more and more people will cherish and anticipate the last fireworks performance at 20:30 on 26th Oct. Then the fireworks will enter sleeping period until next May.During sleeping period,you can only watch the fireworks on New Year’s Day ,New Year’s Eve and the Lantern Festival.

Since the first show time on 28th August, 2008, this dormancy adjustment is caused by subjective regulation and lasted for half a year. Having been displayed for three years, fireworks in Orange Island is regarded as one of the Changsha symbols,as well as a widely known Changsha card presenting for friends at home and aboard.

By Aileen