Changsha Airport Town Project Launched

The construction project of Changsha Airport Town & Renmin Road Airport Town Section was officially launched on the afternoon of April 28. Five years later, a highly international and ecological airport town is expected to stand in the east of Changsha.

The planning of the project will vigorously gear up the development of airport industry, improve regional economic structure and assist our province to open wider to the outside world. Zhou Qiang, secretary of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, declared the start of the construction.

Covering a total construction area of 30.69 square kilometers, the airport town is planned to stretch from Changsha-Zhuzhou Expressway in the west to the end of the airport link in the east, from Changsha-Yongzhou Expressway in the north to Airport Expressway in the south.

As a core district to develop industry economy in Changsha, Changsha County is set to build the airport city and construct a high-end airport economic zone by making full use of its advantages.

The Renmin Road Airport Town Section has officially kicked off. Upon its completion, a third express way will be available for airplanes and the work on the encryption of regional main road network will yield fruitful results, thus playing an important role in driving airport economy.

Translator: Chen Yu
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal