First Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in Xiangxi to Inaugurate

According to Jishou Municipal Bureau of Culture on April 24, the first intangible cultural heritage park in Xiangxi Tujia-Miao Autonomous Prefecture is to open to the public on April 28, 2011.

More than 100 items of intangible cultural heritage at the provincial or national level will be shown to citizens and tourists all the year round. Besides, several inheritors of intangible cultural heritage and masters of folk arts and crafts will put on live performances there, including Long Yingtang, an inheritor of Miao ethnic drum dance, and Wu Labao, an inheritor of Miao ethnic folk song.

There is an exhibition hall of intangible cultural heritage, Xiangxi Workshop, Artware Workshop and Food Workshop in the park, and furthermore an intangible cultural heritage square is going to be built according to the plan, thus making it integrating performances, entertainment, experiencing and shopping.

When the park opens and is entitled to the protection base for intangible cultural heritage, there will be regular themed exhibitions and performances in the park.

Translator: Zeng Huajuan
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal