Best Spots for Gingko Leaf Peeping Around Hunan

Richly endowed by nature, Hunan has different foliage sceneries in different seasons. The most significant part of the early winter is watching colorful leaves, especially golden gingko leaves. Here we pick out some good places for enjoying the eye-feasting scenery.

Yunlu Temple, Yuelu Mountain

Changsha’s oldest gingko tree is located near Yunlu Temple on Yuelu Mountain. Steps around the temple are covered with gingko leaves, looking like golden carpets.

Gingko Tree Scenic Belt on Furong Road

Gingko trees are planted on both sides of Furong Road, stretching from Bayi Bridge in the south to Qingzhuhu Avenue in the north. The gingko tree scenic belt on Furong Road is the first and longest of its kind in downtown Changsha.

Dahu Town, Liuyang

There stand three old gingko trees on a small hill in Fengtian Village, Dahu Town, Liuyang City. The biggest one is so thick that even six adults cannot get their arms around. It is said that the average age of the three trees hits 4,600 years.

Fuqiu Mountain, Taojiang County

Fuqiu Mountain, known as “little Hengshan Mountain”, is famous in central China since ancient times. Fuqiu Temple on the mountaintop, originally built in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), is an important religious venue in Taojiang County. There are 22 thousand-year-old gingko trees thriving in front of the temple. One is as tall as 20 meters, and it is said that it was planted by Rong Le—the first Chan master of the temple during the Emperor Gaozong's reign (649- 683 AD).

Baogai Town, Hengyang

Baogai Town boasts Hunan’s largest gingko plantation base—Gingko Park. The park is home to nearly 90,000 gingko trees. Visitors are enchanted by the overwhelming golden scenery.

Fuyan Temple, Hengshan Mountain

The gingko trees in Fuyan Temple is famous at home and broad for their long age, height, and magnificent shape, attracting numerous tourists.

Tongzi’ao Village, Yongzhou

In Tongzi’ao Village stand more than 200 gingko trees. Driving tour fans and photography amateurs crave for capturing the golden scenery in the village.