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Bei Xuexian,UCCA Chairman Visits Hunan

Lately, Bei Xuexian, chairman of the UK China Culture Association (UCCA) visited the Hunan Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (HFROC). This visit aims to probe into Huxiang culture and Hunan’s economic and cultural development trends. Zhang Bogang, member of the Party Group of the HFROC, gave his warm welcome to him.

Since its establishment, the UCCA has always been committed to inheriting and expanding Chinese culture, as well as promoting cooperation and exchange between UK and China in areas such as culture, education and science and technology.

Mr. Bei, a native from Guangxi Province, holds important positions in over 40 associations besides the UCCA. He is the first returned overseas Chinese honored with “UK Congress Community Service Cultural Contribution Award”.

Bei devotes himself to the promotion and development of Chinese culture while maintaining sound relationship with various UK overseas Chinese societies. He has made great contribution in popularizing Chinese culture.

Translator: Hao Jingru
Source: Hunan Official Web Portal