American Tourists Attracted by Zhangjiajie’s Folk Custom

On the morning of May 7, a group of American tourists visiting the Tima Family of Xibu Street in Wulingyuan District happily learnt folk songs of Sangzhi County of Zhangjiajie and waving dance of the Tujia Ethnic Minority from Xiang Zuorong, an inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage, creating fervent yet harmonious atmosphere.

The American tourists experienced the national intangible cultural heritage of folk culture like Tujia folk songs, Tujia waving dance and beating drums in the Tujia style. The tourists expressed their wish to share the native flavor of Zhangjiajie with more friends. The group leader Mr. Maddock said excitedly in his accented Chinese, “Zhangjiajie is beautiful! The folk songs and dances are great!”

Translator: Zhu Mengxia

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal