All Social Circles Worshiped Marshal Helong in Wulingyuan District

On February 10, 2013, it’s a big sunny day in Wulingyuan. At about 3 p.m. that very day, about 50 persons including secretary of district committee Zhu Yongwen, deputy secretary of district committee and district mayor Zhu Xinnian, deputy warden Denjian and all walks of life came to Helong Garden of Mount Tianzi to worship Supreme Commander Helong.

Zhu Yongwen and other people respectfully present a basket of flowers to Marshal Helong and all people bowed three times to him in order to express people’s measureless admire and advocate and pass on fighting spirit of elder revolutionist and boost construction of international tour and leisure holiday zone in Wulingyuan.

Marshal Helong is the supreme commander for new China’s founding and Zhangjiajie’s pride as well for that he was once a residence in Zhangjiajie. Thousands of local citizens and tourists are absorbed here to worship Helong during Spring Festival every year.

By Patricia