Zhangjiajie Visitors Admired the Snow and A Sea of Clouds During Spring Festival

On February 9th, the world natural heritage zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic spot with a warm sunshine. With the emergence of sea scenery, a large number of people have a big annual Spring Festival in zhangjiajie. According to incomplete statistics, zhangjiajie tianzi mountain, huangshi village, huanglong hole, baofeng lake and other scenic areas, they received more than 1000 tourists from home and abroad.

In Tianzi mountain scenic spot, annual tourists almost came from guangdong and Hong Kong family. There were many tourists from Europe and the United States to see the rare zhangjiajie landform snowscape, with full of praise. They also perfected service facilities and attitude.

To ensure that the visitors′ safety, through the Spring Festival, the zhangjiajie scenic spot and related travel enterprise in addition to create a good atmosphere of festival, still increasing safety monitoring, preparing folk custom programs to reflect the local culture.

Translated by Sophia