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A Sea of Clouds shows in Wulingyuan scenic spot, Like a fairyland

On March 28th, The world natural heritage site Tianzishan mountain, Yuanjiajie and Huangshi village appear ethereal fairy clouds landscape. It not only gives much surprise to the 200 bicycle riders on both sides of the straits, also lets famous artist Mr Chen chusheng feel wonderful.

Is spring all the year round, Wulingyuan has its unique charm. In attendance of appreciating the wonders of a sea of cloud outside after the rain, “Zhangjiajie landscape” is also brilliant. Zhangjiajie travel industry, as open or restore flights of several cities, Wulingyuan spring outing has been increasingly prosperous. The reception of visitors, on average is about tens of thousands of people, and with a year on the rise.

Translated by Sophia