Zhangjiajie launched “Charming Baofeng” Products for Cultural Travel Integration

On March 28th, Zhangjiajie “Charming Baofeng”new travel product has just come out, getting the attention of nearly thousands of tour guides. It is understood that the product includes both the world rare “Zhangjiajie landscape” hoodoo, peak and lake scenery, also covers the main card-Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan district cultural travel Charming Xiangxi.

“Charming Baofeng” mountain travel products aims to use their strong mix, travel resources together to expand the travel market at home and abroad, and promotes the great fusion, development of travel in Zhangjiajie natural humanities.

This product makes Charming Xiangxi, Yangjiajie, Ten mils gallery and other spots become organic whole together. It will share to Zhangjiajie most representative landscape cultural tourists, let visitors in Zhangjiajie be better able to travel.

In another development, Zhangjiajie is also planning to create the lake natural Baofeng lake to become a high standard of landscape subject-live performance. The famous director Feng Xiaogang will act as director.

Translated by Sophia