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A New Highway Will Joint Zhangjiajie and Yangtze Gorges

The construction project of the Yichang (located inHubeiprovince) to Zhangjiajie (Hunanprovince) highway recently held the signing ceremony. In the following time, the project will first concentrate on the Yichang section initially. It is reported that this project is planned to start break ground in September this year. When completed wholly at last, those two famous scenic spots will break all the mountain barriers, and realize the arrival between Zhangjiajie and Yichang in about two only hours.

Yizhang highway starts from Dangyang city (Hubeiprovince), stops in Cili County(zhangjiajie,Hunanprovince). It is designed as a bidirectional four lane. Yichang section lasts for 118.3 kilometers; the total investment might be 14.66 billion Yuan according to preliminary estimate. The mayor of Yichang Li Lecheng mentioned tourists in the two well-known spots Yichang and Zhangjiajie reach 50 million or so every year on average. When Yizhang highway is finally finished, Wudang Mountain, Shennongjia, Yangtze Gorges, Zhangjiajie and many other famous scenic spots will be connected together, thus a distinctive ‘travel highway’ will emerge accordingly.

Translated by Becky