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More than 350,000 fans follow Zhangjajie Travelling Weibo

According to Wulingyuan travel administration , in order to further the brand influence of Zhangjiajie travel and enable the whole city to share the travel information, the micoblog of Wulingyuan scenic spots on Sina.weibo has been formally renamed as Zhangjiajie Travelling with same website(http://weibo.com/Zhangjiajiewly). It ranks forefront steadily with over 350,000 followers and more than 4700 published articles so far.

In particular, the degree of attention has skyrocketed since the launch of activity named “subsidies for your low-carbon life” in summer. By the statistics, this activity has generated strong response in all walks of life by issuing more than 30,000 postings on microblog( including forwarding messages), which attracted more than 200 participants.

It is said , with the purpose of giving a full play of function of Zhangjiajie travelling as a publicity platform, Wulingyuan travel administration has formed a special network center on travel marketing and employed technical staffs to refine the management by renewing information and issuing dynamic messages round the clock. Meanwhile , furthering the improvement of communication mechanism between different spots has been enforced.

by Brenda