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“A Hundred Day High-quality Service” in Zhangjiajie Huanglong Hole

In order to further improve the professional quality, professional ability and service level of the staff in huanglong scenic area, set up the satisfaction of travel service image, huanglong scenic area lanches “a hundred day high-quality service”.

According to information, “a hundred day high-quality service” will begin from July 1st to October 10th. It will examine the code of conduct, service specifications and service etiquette in the process of traveling. At the same time, it will organize concentrated training for the employees, increase the excellent service awareness, and create a good travel service environment. Through quality service competition, they wish to improve employees’ comprehensive qualities, skills and level.

Starting this activity, it aims to cooperate with the international country singles being held in August. On the other hand, it tries to improve the service level, forming a high quality of travel services environment.

Translated by Sophia