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Zhangjiajie Asks Beautiful Articles from the Global Students

On July 1st, zhangjiajie people’s government officially launches for a period of one year to seek beautiful articles from the global students. It is understood that this activity will show 10 first prize winners. All the winners in addition to certain material reward, will also get a lifelong free ticket of visiting wulingyuan scenic area and grand canyon scenic spot.

This campaign chooses “beautiful China, ecological civilization education starts from students” as the theme, which aims to let the global youth gain a better understanding of zhangjiajie, continuously strengthening the consciousness of ecological protection.

With the coming of summer, the activity of “beautiful China, ecological civilization education starts students ” will attract more students into the zhangjiajie to have a tour inspection. The landscape and ecology of zhangjiajie will show their beauty again.

Translated by Sophia