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80-year-old Italian Silk Road Hero has an Introduction of Zhangjiajie

June 21st, It is the recommendation day for China pavilion to introduce Zhangjiajie scenery. In the stadium, Zhangjiajie photographic images, videos, Zhangjiajie classic folk songs appear in the opening ceremony. Zhangjiajie unique sand painting “Tianmen” is collected by the China pavilion, the Italian world China magazine with the cover and 30 layouts promotes Zhangjiajie.

Milan expo China pavilion director Zhang Liang, director of the national travel administration office in Rome Liu Cheng, Italy’s knight medal winner Hu Lanbo, Italian expedition emperor, the Irish government on behalf of the hero, Sicily and other guests participate in the activities.

Milan expo China pavilion director Zhang Liang said, Zhangjiajie is a beautiful card of China. As a curator of China pavilion, he must fully participate in the activities of Zhangjiajie, in order to better promote Zhangjiajie, let the world know Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie is the world’s rare travel resources enrichment. Especially with “Zhangjiajie landscape”, the 264-square-kilometer quartz sandstone is unique in the world. Zhangjiajie is the first national forest park, UNESCO listed in China’s first world natural heritage, the world’s first geological park. Every year, it has received guests from more than 50 countries and regions of the world.

Italian expedition hero, the 80-year-old emperor invited to Zhangjiajie scenery promotion activities. On the activities day, Italian state television also showed his specials. Since 1968, he has spent 13 times completing the expedition of silk road. He did a recommendation for Zhangjiajie scenery to the friends of all countries.

More than 60 Italian travelers and media reporters seminars represented in Zhangjiajie scenery. Zhangjiajie travel agency also signed a cooperation agreement with Italy sunflower travel on strengthening Zhangjiajie travel cooperation between Italy.

Translated by Sophia